Bem-Vindo à Airmet!


The Airmet Group has been present in the domestic market since 2006 and was formed with the objective of strengthening the presence of independent travel agencies.

It is a group of independent companies that come together to gain larger market share. This allows us to negotiate the best deals and conditions with various suppliers, leading to greater profitability for their companies. We pursue the business growth of travel agents by ensuring the best commercial conditions, continuing training, reduced costs, investment in technology, human resources and constant innovation.
Immediate access to the best business conditions in the market with several tourist service providers that will allow you to have greater profitability and reduced costs with services that are of fundamental importance for the operation of your agency. We offer a range of technology tools that help you increase your business productivity and continuing training all year round.
The Airmet Group provides constant assistance on the daily dealings of its business and certified continuing training with varied topics, helping the investor to operate a travel agency.
No, being an affiliate to our group does not imply the payment of royalties or any other turnover charges. We do not work with a franchising model. A monthly fee is charged so that you can belong to the Group.
Access to all services we provide: Daily assistance, access to our deals, certified training, technology tools, legal support, among other services.
Yes, we always support our affiliates’ own products by publicizing them and encouraging their sale on the Airmet network.
Having a travel agency registered with RNAVT at the Portuguese Tourist Authority (Turismo de Portugal) and apply for membership to our Group for evaluation.
Access to the best partnerships and solutions for your business; Access to the best technology tools for your travel agency; Access to a wide network of tourist service providers operating in the market; Team of professionals with high expertise in the travel industry to give you all the support; We are a constant presence in the daily dealings of your Agency in order to support its development; Experience of a consolidated group in the sector; Guaranteed higher profitability at a commission and rappel level; We ensure continuing certified training